Download T99.

There are a few different versions of Symbian OS, and you will need to download, and install version of T99 that can work with Symbian OS version on your phone. You can download installation file to your PC, and then send it to your phone, or directly download it to your phone using web browser that is installed on your phone.

T99 also has two versions: first one - T99 for those who want to never send diacritical marks again, and second one – T.99, for users who sometimes wants to send text messages as without T99 (receiver will see diacritical marks, but maximal length is 70 characters), and sometimes with diacritics removed.

Read manual to know more about installation process, and how T99 works.

Warning! After installation make sure the program works properly.

T99 – no more shorter text messages

This version is the best choice for most people:

T.99 – with, or without

T.99(version "with dot"), removes diacritical marks if the first character of the message is dot. Of course the dot is also removed. Thanks to that you can decide whether remove diacritics, or not, by placing a dot as the first character, or not.

Notes to version for S60 3rd Edition

Since 9 version of Symbian OS (and 3rd Edition of S60) there are some serious changes to improve security of phones. That is why during an installation process you will be asked to let T99 read your private data (that is text message that you've written), write your private data (to write text message without diacritical marks), and to use network (to send the message).

What is more (in contrast to versions for s60 1st,2nd,and UIQ) in this version T99 won't start automatically either after installation, or after reboot of the phone. That is why, with T99 there is installed simple program "run99", that lets you run T99 (Options->Start T99). Notice that you have to run T99 only once per reboot (or installation), not once for every message you want to send. Alternatively you can use PowerBoot that lets one choose which application should be started after reboot. Autostart for this version will be available in December 2007, when I'll find some time to prepare T99 to pass Symbian Signed process. Security procedures mentioned before forbids autostart applications that aren't Symbian Signed.

Notes to version for UIQ 3

There are two versions of T99 for UIQ 3. Version in file ended by fw2007 can be run on any device with UIQ3, but it doesn't have autostart feature. You have to run it by run99 application (Menu->Start T99) every time you turn on your phone.

If you have phone with firmware older than January 2007 you can also use second one version of T99 for UIQ3, that will autostart after phone is turned on (but might not run after T99 installation process). You can check date of firmware in your phone on UIQ3 wiki page.

Both version for UIQ3 have a problem with sending a message, and after you write it, and choose send, it is only placed in the outbox, and you should manually send it from there.

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