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Thank you for reading this page, where I've written about miscellaneous things. Most of them is not so strictly related to T99 as a program.

About me

My name Piotr (Peter) Janas. I'm about to finish I wrote my Master of Science Thesis in Computer Science, and graduated from AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. (You can read an article why it is a good place to study Computer Science.) I've been programming for Symbian OS since my internship in 2005. I've written T99 because I couldn't stand the issue that my brand new phone with Symbian OS had with so simple and common task as is sending of text message.

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In July 2008 I've passed supervised Accredited Symbian Developer exam, that is an industry-standard qualification for professional smartphone software developers.


You can send me an e-mail to: t99 and then  and at the end - name of the server my site is placed on, which is: t99 . pl I don't want to write the address directly, due to there are so many spambots out there. I believe that you'll figure out what the address is... :-)


I am a programmer, not a webmaster, so I acknowledge people that help me make this website better:


If you want to see your name on the list above, or simply help me making T99 available for more people around the world, and you can speak one of languages this site isn't translated to - PLEASE write to me. Any IT, or webmaster knowledge isn't required. :-)

If you have found a bug on the website (e.g. bad translation to English), or the program doesn't work how it should - let me know and give a chance to correct it.

Or maybe in your country someone wrote something about the issue, or about T99 - let me know about it. I will be happy to place that information on the page. Let's make this site and the program better :-) I'll appreciate all kind of your help.

If you want to place link to this site, you can use logo, button, and animated screen shot. Feel free to copy these files to your own server, to make them load faster.

About the website... and other buttons

Buttons you can see below, show you how I think a website should be made, and how I've tried to make mine. Every of them could be placed on every page of, but I've decided to put them only here - you'll see them only if you're interested in them.

Buttons on the last line express my preferences unrelated to the www.

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T99 is free software for end-users. You can install and use it. Nobody without author's permission has right to distribute T99 any other way than linking to For example you can't place it on CD you sell, your website, or phone you sell.


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