Download T99V2beta.

Second version of T99 is the answer to the following issues reported by some users:

How do I know that T99 is really working on my phone at the moment? What will happen when the program closes itself/doesn't start/I forget to switch it on? There is possibility that unwittingly I will be sending three short text messages instead of one without diacritical marks!
In new version when you start writing text message, and t99 is running a notification window shows up. If there will be no notification you should start t99. The notification normally stays for 3 seconds, but you can dismiss it by pressing any key, so it won't slow down creating text message process considerably.
What this is all about with "run99"? Wouldn't it be better to start t99 with standard icon? Talking about icons - above run99 there empty space instead of any t99 logo.
In new version run99 was removed - you can start t99 with its icon.
[S60 3rd only] Can T99 start automatically when my phone starts, as it is on S60 2nd edition?
Due to security rules autostart is not possible to every application on S60 3rd edition. You can use PowerBoot, or in new version sign T99 sis file on special website and have T99 with autostart built in.
[S60 3rd only] Version for S60 3rd Edition doesn't work if you choose to save text messages on memory card instead of phone's memory.
The problem is probably caused by slow process of writing to memory card in Symbian OS phones. In new version there are some performance optimization - maybe it will solve the problem.


Currently the following versions are available:


Acknowledgements goes to everyone who will send me comments about this beta version.

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